Girls Under Arrest | S2 E5 | Busting The Chief's Daughter


Officer Derrick Pierce is on patrol with his partner, Sam Shock, when they get a call about a vandalism in progress. Derrick's frustrated since he recognizes the name of the perp, Hannah Hays, who is the police chief's daughter. They've caught her getting up to no good before but weren't able to book her since they didn't have the evidence they needed. Because of that, and the fact that her father is Derrick's boss, Hannah thinks she's above the law, which infuriates Derrick to no end.

But tonight, he can FEEL it -- they're going to get the hard evidence they need to finally punish Hannah once and for all.

When they arrive on the scene, Hannah looks as smug as ever as she casually saunters along with cans of spray paint in her hands. She's clearly a woman on a mission, unfazed as the cops roll up on her and exit the car. She recognizes them and thinks she's going to get off easy, just like all the other times. She holds up her hands and waits for them to do their spiel, unafraid of their presence... until she sees the camera.

That's right, there's no escaping punishment THIS time. Derrick has all the proof he needs and isn't going to let her slip through his fingers again. However, if she wants the evidence to go away, it can all mysteriously disappear if she's willing to do a little something for him...
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