Girls Under Arrest | S2 E4 | Happy Endings Parlor Raid


Officers Chad White and Domenic Kane are enroute to investigate a call, explaining to the cameraman that they're checking into a tip about a massage parlor that's known for giving 'happy endings.' They arrive at the massage parlor and stealthily make their way to the back entrance and go inside, where a couple of waiting male clients awkwardly scramble to make a quick exit and hide their faces from the cops. The police shout and bang down doors as they raid the parlor looking for any working girls.

Officer White takes the lead with Officer Kane close behind as they raid one of the private rooms and finds a masseuse with a client. Neither of them want to be too close to the naked man, so they demand that he put on his pants. As Officer Kane restrains him, the client lies and begs that it's not what it seems while Officer White mocks him since it's very obvious it is what it seems. Meanwhile, Vanna Bardot demands to know what they're doing and states that they have no right being there.

Officer White tells Officer Kane to take the client outside. Vanna looks fearfully to Officer Kane and asks him not to leave, but he shrugs and leaves with the client.

Officer White tells Vanna that she's under arrest for sex trafficking. She protests, denying everything. After a while Vanna starts to look desperate, changing tunes as she begs him not to shut the place down -- she needs this job. She has family to support! But Officer White is feeling charitable today. Maybe he won't come down hard on her... Vanna looks relieved and starts to thank him, though he cuts her off and says that he won't come down hard on her IF she gives him a happy ending.

Vanna is shocked, telling him that he can't be serious -- is THIS why he sent his partner out? Officer White doesn't directly answer her, saying he doesn't have much time. He's a busy man, y'know, cleaning up the what's it going to be? Vanna is disgusted, but reluctantly agrees, laying her hand on his already hard cock that bulges from his pants.

Vanna's going to give Officer White what he wants, but will HE deliver on his promise to give her a happy ending of her own?
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