Girls Under Arrest | S2 E3 | Lesbian Domestic Dispute


In the patrol car on the way to a call, Officer Dick Chibbles and Officer Domenic Kane explain to the camera that they are responding to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, they see two young women shouting at each other at the house porch entrance. One of the women, Jane Wilde, is taking possessions from inside the house and throwing them violently out the door - it appears that she's kicking the other woman, Bobbi Dylan, out of the house.

The cops break up the fight, and Jane explains that she's angry at Bobbi for cheating on her with another woman. Midway through her chat with Officer Chibbles, Jane breaks away and lunges at Bobbi. When Officer Kane grabs her to restrain her, she bites him on the arm. Officer Kane drops her on the bed in shock. Not only are they going to jail for disturbing the peace, but they can add 'assaulting an officer' to the list of charges.

Officer Chibbles offers a deal - if Jane agrees to have sex with him, they'll let them both go. Jane's offended and disgusted but she quickly realizes she doesn't have much of a choice, and agrees to do it. Bobbi is shocked and disappointed as her girlfriend gets on her knees and puts her mouth around Officer Chibbles' cock. She watches everything play out in horror as Officer Kane restrains her on the side.

Officer Chibbles is going to make sure that these girls think twice before disturbing the peace again.
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