Girls Under Arrest | S1 E4 | Distracted Driver


Officer Brandon Carter (Tyler Knight) is driving down a boulevard when he spots a car that's driving a little too slow for his liking. He explains that when a suspect is driving that slow, it's because they're potentially guilty of something. When he pulls up next to her, he sees that she's texting and driving. Not wanting her to end up killing someone out of her own negligence, he decides to pull her over. He turns on his sirens as he drives behind her, notifying her to stop. When he pulls the suspect (Kendra Spade) over, she has no idea what she did wrong. He asks her for her license and registration and she pretends to look for it. She finally admits that she has neither. He shakes his head and asks her to get out of the car. Tyler starts crying: she's never been arrested before and doesn't know what to do. When she claims that her documentation is at her house two blocks away, Officer Carter puts her in the back of his car and drives her home. When they get there, she claims the housekeeer must have come over because she can't find them. Officer Carter is getting really fed up with her excuses: find the documents now or go to jail! When she doesn't find them, he tells her she's gonna be in jail for at last two days 'cuz the judge doesn't work weekends. When she asks him if there's anything she can do to get out of this, he starts barking orders at her. He asks her to undress and she gets the hint quickly. He tells her to get on her knees as he puts his thumbs in her mouth. She pulls out his dick and starts sucking it knowing that she has to make it count or else she's going to jail. After he fucks her and blows a load in her face, he tells her that her car will be impounded and leaves.
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